Colio is the artistic name of the Bulgarian born Kolio Markov. He graduated from one of the most prestigious Art Colleges and latter the National Academy of Fine Art in Sofia with MA degree. Colio has been painting professionally for over 15 years. He has established a unique artistic style with a distinctive painting technique, precise and powerful treatment of color and flawless hand drawings. His work carries subtle but deep messages from his experiences and observations. "I am fascinated by observing people's behaviors and external projections of their subconscious and inner lifes" His work challenges human stereotypes, social programing, tampered paradigms and human weakness in form of desires and fears.
His artwork often is intended to subtly communicate with the subconscious mind of the viewer. Interesting fact is that Colio maintains two distinctive lines and body of work. One of it is privately kept and have never been shown publically. He explains that it's kind of experimental and is still in development stage. It seams to have a unique complex structure incorporating techniques from modern psychology and zen traditions, some sort of hybrid art that could reach the subconscious mind in a profound way. "Through my art I'd like to offer my opinion and solutions for people that may need it, although, I realize that I would fail most of the time, because we can not see beyond our own bubble of perception for the world therefor all we see is our own reflection."
student artwork
Graduate of:
College of Fine Art and Design, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
- painting, BA , 1983
National Accademy of Fine Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
- painting, MA, 1990

Studios held in the past:
London, England,
Toronto, Canada 
Boca Raton, FL, USA
Dominical, Costa Rica
Miami, FL, USA
Cumbuco, CE, Brazil

Art Expo, New York City, New York, USA
IHFC High Point, NC, USA
Decor Expo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
IDS Show, Toronto, Canada
WCAF Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Rosenbaum Fine Art Gallery, FL, USA
Progressive Editions Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Kunsthandel Uerpmann
Liss Gallery
Gallery 133
Collection privee
Zara Gallery
Aspen art gallery
Bohemia Art galleries
Posh Finearts Gallery

"It is amazing the power and capability of arts to command deep psychological responses in the human mind when presented properly, causing significant changes and even altering our perceptions about reality and life."

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